Xylem helps solve vegetable-washing

Located on the Adelaide Plains of southern Australia, the Piscioneri Brothers’ vegetable-washing plant is modernizing how commercial washing companies use water.

On the world’s driest continent, water conservation is a challenge, but with the help of Xylem RCW’s cutting-edge water recycling system, more than 60,000 liters of water can now be recirculated throughout the Piscioneri Brothers’ plant.

The recycling system was installed at Piscioneri in early 2010. While many other washing plants in the region must add as much as 50,000 liters per hour to their systems, the system at the Piscioneri plant is largely self-sustaining.

The pumps assist in turning over approximately 500 to 1,500 liters per minute when washing produce. Large vertical multi-stage Lowara pumps catapult dirty water into a sump system. A bailing filter then separates the clean water, which is transported to a storage facility. From the storage facility, clean water is delivered to the vegetable-washing center, where fresh produce is treated and prepared for selling.

The only grower in the area using this technology, the Piscioneri Brothers have reported that the system has been helpful in running their business effectively. Through Xylem’s expertise, the vegetable-washing plant was able to implement a unique system that conserves water, while saving time and money.